EU and German external migration policies: The case of Morocco


Dans le cadre de son projet lié à la migration « Renforcer les aspects des droits humain dans les politiques de l'UE en matière de migration », la Fondation Heinrich Böll Afrique du Nord Rabat a commissionné une étude sur le financement de la politique migratoire au Maroc par l'UE et l'Allemagne: cas du Maroc.

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Publications de Démocratisation

Perspectives #11 - 'Khadija, do not close the door!' Women in Peace, in War and In Between


When women in the Middle East make the headlines, it is usually as victims. Disturbing stories of the so called 'Islamic State' (ISIS) kidnapping and raping tens of thousands of women are sadly often the ones which stick in the Western memory. But there is more to women's political lives in the region than their victimisation and oppression. We decided to look to the future, present and past in this issue, in order to present an alternative narrative which challenges these representations of women.

Perspectives #8 July 2015: Corruption in the MENA region: Between discourse and reality


The fight against corruption in the MENA region has gone through several ups and downs. Prevention, awareness and purification campaigns aiming to eradicate endemic or systemic corruption have had very little impact. The political will and the good intentions formulated in speeches and conferences during the democratic transitions referred to as the “Arab Spring” have hardly born results. On the contrary, in a phase of restoration of the old regimes, corruption continues to be a real impediment to the progress of our countries towards democracy and socioeconomic development that can offer living conditions that respect human rights and human dignity in a healthy and unpolluted environment.

Perspectives #7 November 2014: Rumours


Rumours serve as a medium through which unfulfilled hopes or unspecific fears can be voiced. They bond and drive a wedge between people and population groups at the same time. An issue about the social function of rumours.

Perspectives Issue #6 - December 2013


Sadly, the Middle East has witnessed some of the largest mass displacements of people worldwide over the past decade. As it currently stands, millions of Syrians are fleeing their homes, moving within the country and sometimes far outside of it. Not surprisingly, neighboring states have absorbed most of these people and have managed well under the circumstances. However, the question of how to deal with the waves of those who have lost everything and might not be able to go back in the near future is a huge challenge for the refugees and for host communities, especially since there is no settlement on the horizon.

Publications de l'écologie

Perspectives #13 - What's stirring ? The region's politics dished out


Food can be a potent trigger for childhood and adult memories. Everybody has a ‘comfort food’, something associated with good times and good company. Food is vital in a culture of generous hospitality where even if you have hardly anything to share you will go to great lengths to provide something for your guests. Whether you love savoury food or have a sweet tooth, Middle Eastern and North African cuisine will never let you down.

Perspectives #12 - 50 Years of Occupation, 50 Years of Resilience


This year marks 50 years of occupation – a significant period, not only for Palestinians living inside historical Palestine, but indeed first and foremost for them. It means an accumulation of 50 years of dispossession, displacement and oppression, 50 years under threat of being evicted, of losing their fields, springs, orchards and homes. 50 years without political and civil rights, without a future for themselves and their offspring. 50 years of despair and shattered hopes.

Transition énergétique : comment fait l'Allemagne?


À travers une étude précise et factuelle, Vincent Boulanger, journaliste installé en Allemagne et spécialiste des énergies renouvelables, nous aide à comprendre l’Energiewende : ses origines, ses succès, ses échecs et les zones d’incertitude. À l’heure où la France est à l’aube d’un choix décisif pour son avenir énergétique, à savoir la prolongation et donc la rénovation de son parc nucléaire ou l’amorce d’une véritable transition énergétique, il nous donne tous les éléments pour tirer des leçons de l’expérience allemande.

Stopping Global Plastic Pollution

The massive use of plastics has created an enormous global problem with environmental, economic, social, and health repercussions. The only viable solution to the problem would therefore be to stop plastic waste from entering the oceans in the first place. The authors of this paper propose to launch negotiations on a plastics convention and begin to end this irresponsible disaster.

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