Couverture de la publication transition énergétique comment fait l'Allemagne

À travers une étude précise et factuelle, Vincent Boulanger, journaliste installé en Allemagne et spécialiste des énergies renouvelables, nous aide à comprendre l’Energiewende : ses origines, ses succès, ses échecs et les zones d’incertitude. À l’heure où la France est à l’aube d’un choix décisif pour son avenir énergétique, à savoir la prolongation et donc la rénovation de son parc nucléaire ou l’amorce d’une véritable transition énergétique, il nous donne tous les éléments pour tirer des leçons de l’expérience allemande.

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Publications de Démocratisation

The fight against corruption in the MENA region has gone through several ups and downs. Prevention, awareness and purification campaigns aiming to eradicate endemic or systemic corruption have had very little impact. The political will and the good intentions formulated in speeches and conferences during the democratic transitions referred to as the “Arab Spring” have hardly born results. On the contrary, in a phase of restoration of the old regimes, corruption continues to be a real impediment to the progress of our countries towards democracy and socioeconomic development that can offer living conditions that respect human rights and human dignity in a healthy and unpolluted environment.

Rumours serve as a medium through which unfulfilled hopes or unspecific fears can be voiced. They bond and drive a wedge between people and population groups at the same time. An issue about the social function of rumours.

Sadly, the Middle East has witnessed some of the largest mass displacements of people worldwide over the past decade. As it currently stands, millions of Syrians are fleeing their homes, moving within the country and sometimes far outside of it. Not surprisingly, neighboring states have absorbed most of these people and have managed well under the circumstances. However, the question of how to deal with the waves of those who have lost everything and might not be able to go back in the near future is a huge challenge for the refugees and for host communities, especially since there is no settlement on the horizon.

Issue #5 of Perspectives provides space for on-the-ground analysis by Palestinian writers, thinkers and politicians of very different backgrounds in order to explore the Oslo Accords 20 years after their signing from a Palestinian perspective. Perspectives is a quarterly journal dedicated to highlighting research and debate from authors who mostly live and work in the region. It is jointly edited and published by the three HBS offices located in Tunis, Beirut and Ramallah.

Publications de l'écologie

When ISIS announced the establishment of the so-called ‘Islamic State’ it fuelled discussions as to whether this would herald the ‘end of Sykes-Picot’ – borders artificially drawn by the colonial powers at the beginning of the twenti­eth century. But borders are more than ‘lines in the sand’: they divide. While the privileged few may cross legitimately by simply presenting their passport, for most, these borders present difficult if not insurmountable hurdles. People fleeing from war, climate change or economic hardship, attempt to cross the Mediterranean but many drown trying.

The Middle Eastern and Northern African (MENA) region, faced with tumultuous changes in the last five years, shows a picture of shrinking spaces for civil society activism. In contrast, ecological activism is growing and connecting the fight for climate justice to other demands for community and indigenous rights, gender equality, democracy and transparency.

Un sentiment de menace motive actuellement l’Union Européenne (UE) à envisager de reconsidérer sa politique étrangère. Le continent se sent menacé par un voisinage en plein bouleversement, un sentiment symbolisé par les images de vagues de réfugiés affluant vers l’UE. L’Europe a finalement pris conscience que la stabilité, la sécurité et la prospérité de son voisinage immédiat doit être une priorité stratégique. La « crise des réfugiés » est la dernière en date d’une série de crises ayant permis de révéler l’instabilité interne de l’UE, l’insuffisance des institutions et des instruments européens, alors que la crise de la dette grecque et le conflit en Ukraine en particulier sont toujours d’actualité et restent non résolus par l’UE.

The economic and ecological bases of a general prosperity are in danger, the gap between rich and poor is widening. The concept of the Green Economy offers a new model, based primarily on large-scale technological solutions. But the Green Economy cares little about politics, barely registers human rights, does not recognize social actors and suggests the possibility of reform without conflict. It suggests that the world as we know it can continue with green growth.

Noufal revient désespéré de l’annexe administrative pour faire son extrait de naissance, car il n’arrive pas à accéder à cause de son handicap. Il va voir un élu de sa commune pour savoir et comprendre qui est responsable de cette situation…