(Updated) Call for Applications - Regional Summer School 2018 : Citizen Participation and Urban Sustainable Development

Regional Summer School 2018: Citizen Participation and Urban Sustainable Development

( بإمكانكم تحميل الإعلان باللغة العربية في آخر الصفحة )

Heinrich Böll Foundation carries on these regional schools to build the capacities of the participants and to stir a debate about urgent current policy topics. They also provide the international lecturers with information about and viewpoints from the region, and offer an excellent platform for exchanging ideas, opinions, arguments and sharing experiences across the region. The program promotes networking among civil society actors, researchers, and activists in the region working in the fields of citizen participation and intervention in the urban space, civil society and local governance, sustainable development, gender and environment.

The focus of the Summer School of this year is Citizen Participation in Urban Sustainable Development. The modules offered will provide participants primarily with skills and theoretical background knowledge to empower citizens to participate efficiently in the sustainable development and recuperation of urban spaces in the MENA region. Specific topics will touch upon new approaches in sustainable urban development, citizen participation, legal challenges and ways of litigation, as well as ways of peaceful resistance in the urban space in view of climate change. We will build on different regional experiences and use a comparative perspective.

We have chosen this focus of Summer School 2018 in order to support citizen participation in the urban space and the inclusion of local communities in development in the MENA region.

The Summer School 2018 will include lectures, focus groups and round table discussions, workshops, open space and an excursion.


This Summer School primarily addresses active change makers at the grassroots and civil society level within the field of urban sustainable development, or researchers in urban politics who are active in the field. The age range is between 23 and 35 years.

Application Process:

To be considered for Summer School 2018, please fill out the application form and attach a Curriculum Vitae, as well as a paper outlining an issue of relevance to sustainable urban development ( two pages max ).

The bilingual application form is at the end of this article.

The Summer School will be conducted in Arabic, and English. Good command of the English language would be beneficial since preparation material will be circulated before the Summer School. The participants are therefore asked to indicate their language skills in the application form.

Selected participants will be invited to prepare a presentation on the urban situation and challenges in their country, or city, in view of their own project.

Travel and accommodation costs of the participants will be covered by the respective Heinrich Böll Foundation office.

Please submit your application documents via email.

Applicants from Morocco are asked to submit their application documents in English, Arabic, or French to:

Heinrich Böll Foundation Rabat, Mr. Hazim Azghari (Hazim.Azghari@ma.boell.org)

Applicants from Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt are asked to submit their application documents in English, Arabic, or French to:

Heinrich Böll Foundation Tunis, Ms. Magdalena Mach (Magdalena.Mach@tn.boell.org)

Applicants from Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria are asked to submit their application documents in English, Arabic or French to:

Heinrich Böll Foundation Beirut, Ms. Corinne Deek (Corinne.Deek@lb.boell.org)

Applicants from Palestine and Jordan are asked to submit their application documents in English or Arabic to:

Heinrich Böll Foundation Ramallah, (info@ps.boell.org)


Deadline for application is May 15th, 2018.

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