Advisory Board

In order to support the working groups in the realization of their activities and in order to secure the optimal impact for the various projects they are carrying out, the Heinrich Böll foundation is about to create an advisory board for the transformAfrica program. This committee will be made up of key figures from politics, science and culture from different African countries. All members of the committee are expected to have expertise in issues linked to socio-ecological transformations. Depending on their respective competencies and knowledge, these experts will support the various working groups in the realization of their project. This support could take various forms, either as interactions between working-group leaders and the experts, during workshops and conferences organized by the Heinrich Böll office based in Rabat, or in helping to disseminate the results of their project.

In return, the experts and decision-makers will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of an ambitious multiannual program at African continental scale and will be able to actively take part in the implementation of concrete and diversified projects that aim to obtain a political impact. Finally, the advisory board will support the networking efforts of the program and at the same time diversify the networks of the experts by meeting actors from various countries and professional backgrounds.