Natural resources


Africa has a large quantity of natural resources and especially due to specific geographical locations and climate conditions, some african countries belong to the richest countries in terms of natural resources worldwide. These resources include oils, minerals, precious metals, fisheries, wildlife or even some primary goods. However, over the past decades and even centuries, these various countries or regions, which are rich of natural resources, have also been the center of tensions or even conflicts between various groups of actors that are directly involved with the extraction and or processing of such resources.


transformAfrica seek to collect knowledge and data on the issue of natural resources through desktop analysis and stakeholders interviews in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and South Africa). The working group aim to produce materials in order to raise awareness of citizens, decision makers and economic actors toward the potential negative consequences of some ways of managing natural resources. The project aims to develop an alternative narrative, based on specific cases of good practices, on how natural resources could be managed in a fair, environmental and just way. 



The Heinrich Boll Foundation in collaboration with the working group is producing materials such as cartoons, articles based on interviews with citizens and decision makers and NGO’s working on the field of Natural resources in order to draw public attention on the risks and /or advantages of certain natural resources management practices.