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Memorandum for a Just and Sustainable Socio-Ecological Transformation in Africa

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This memorandum is the result of a multi-year programme on sustainable, just and participatory socio-ecological transformations in Morocco and Africa, launched in 2017 by the Moroccan office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, and dubbed TransformAfrica. The aim of this programme is to contribute to the development and support of different activities to promote socio-ecological transformations in different African countries (namely Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria). The different projects of the programme are the result of collaborations between actors from various professional backgrounds (civil society, artists, scientists, administration, journalists, policy makers, citizens), but who all share the conviction that alternative solutions to the current mode of economic development are urgently needed. These projects thus aim to promote alternative solutions in different sectors that are particularly affected by socio-ecological changes (natural resource management, energy transition, agriculture, waste management, participatory urban development).

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