Démocratisation et droits humains

Conférence en partenariat avec Dar Saïda : Fortes ensemble

Published: 18 juin 2018
Image credits Retour en images sur la conférence "Fortes ensemble: Les féministes maghrébines et les combats pour les droits des femmes d'hier à aujourd'hui" organisée par Dar Saïda le 1er Mai 2018, en partenariat avec la Fondation Heinrich Böll Afrique de Nord - RABAT

Tricky Business: Space for Civil Society in Natural Resource Struggles

Published: 17 avril 2018

Resource and energy demand has increased over the last few decades, with more extraction and land use happening in more countries than ever before. The rising resource demand from the industrialized countries and emerging economies depends on the resources located in the Global South. Many governments in the Global South have opted to advocate for natural resource exploitation as a pathway to greater socio-economic development

Perspectives #11 - 'Khadija, do not close the door!' Women in Peace, in War and In Between

Published: 6 février 2018

When women in the Middle East make the headlines, it is usually as victims. Disturbing stories of the so called 'Islamic State' (ISIS) kidnapping and raping tens of thousands of women are sadly often the ones which stick in the Western memory. But there is more to women's political lives in the region than their victimisation and oppression. We decided to look to the future, present and past in this issue, in order to present an alternative narrative which challenges these representations of women.